Friday, March 3, 2017

Chogoria Chaplains' Excellent Work

The Chaplains in Chogoria continue to carry an enormous burden of care.  Right now in Kenya, the government doctors have been on strike for three months, and many of the patients who would normally go to the government hospitals have sought care at the Mission Hospitals.  Consequently, the workload for Chogoria has increased dramatically.  Sadly some of the government-sponsored doctors who work at Chogoria felt compelled to join the strike, so staffing is decreased despite the increased workload.  In the middle of the struggle are our magnificent Chaplains.  

Every month, our Chaplains produce a report of their activities.  I thought I might reproduce their most recent report here to give you an idea of their wonderful work.  They don't just sit around in the office waiting for work.  They are out in the wards and offices and waiting areas and counseling rooms, actively doing the King's work.  I am intensely proud of them.  Please pray for them and for all the Chogoria staff who are carrying the day, showing the compassion of Christ to patients who otherwise may feel abandoned.  

Ø  The chaplaincy team consist of the following staff members:
Ø  Rev Roy Kamau-------------------------Chaplain
Ø  Mr  Fredrick Muguune -----------------Evangelist
Ø  Mr Eliphas Mutegi-----------------------Counselor/Preacher
Ø  Mrs Trizah Mugendi---------------------Volunteer Evangelist

Above: Chaplaincy team

Ø  Daily Ward  preaching
Ø  Daily Bed to bed witnessing
Ø  Daily Departmental preaching/prayers
Ø  Daily bereaved  prayers at the mortuary
Ø  Daily  counseling when called upon
Ø  Once a week staff worship on Mondays
Ø  Monthly staff intersession (1st Wednesday)
Ø  Fortnight chaplaincy committee meeting
Ø  Waiting bay prayers at 12.45 pm daily
Ø   Thursday intersession                                                                                                                                       


The new year has started off well with God finding favour with us in the ministry. The workload has gone up due to increased number of patients because of striking doctors in government  institutions but we are not complaining. However many new souls have continued to come to the Lord and a number of physical healings have been identified .   
Ø  Ward preaching----------------48
Ø Bed to bed witnessing --------1750
Ø  Departmental prayers----------52
Ø  Counseling----------------------80
Ø  Bereaved prayers--------------18
Ø  Received salvation------------40
Ø  Bibles distributed--------------42
Ø  Waiting bay prayers-----------27
Ø  Thursdays prayers -------------5

New converts followups still remain a challenge but we are trying to link them to churches so they can grow. The manpower still remains few compared to the demands.

 Above; Chaplain praying with patients in the ward

Above: Eliphas encouraging a young man who was recovering from a very challenging situation

Above: Mrs Mugendi handing over a bible to a patient who has accepted Christ.

Above: Mr Mbae with studying the scripture with a patient who loved Jesus

Above: Chaplaincy team with donated items.

NB Last month Bibles distributed were 38 not 3 as indicated.
              May God continue to bless the good work to His glory

  Report compiled by
 Eliphas  Mutegi