Monday, November 17, 2014

Signs of the Times

Since arriving at our new home in Chogoria, we have been gradually integrating into the life of this vibrant community.  Here are a few "signs of the times" that may illustrate some of the events, concerns, and victories of the PCEA Chogoria Mission Hospital and the community we serve.

This part of the Hospital was dedicated by none other than Jomo Kenyatta himself, the first president of the Republic of Kenya.  I think that's very cool.

A Mission Statement that's worth following.

We don't have Ebola in Kenya, and pray that we never will, but the Kenyan government and supporting organizations are ahead of the curve in awareness and prevention.

I like a lab that is so confident with their turnaround times that they post them painted outside the lab.  Among the tests are those for malaria, typhoid, TB, HIV, etc.

'Tis the season.  This crucial part of becoming a man in Kenya is offered as part of a comprehensive program teaching how to be a responsible Christian man, husband, and father.

Mosquito nets have made a big difference in decreasing the number of people suffering with malaria.

Posted in the outpatient area in English, Swahili, and Kimeru is the offer to help in medical and non-medical ways.

This is a good place.  It isn't like the place where I grew up.  Very different, indeed.  But we are exceptionally glad to be allowed to add a shoulder to the wheel here.  The Lord is up to something here.  We are privileged to be along for the ride.